Established in January 2015 we at London Calling Blog have set to share our passion for and love of Street Art around our home of London.

We have taken our love of documenting the scene and ventured into trying to facilitate the addition of Street Art around London, setting to brighten and add expression to the local communities they adorn. To that end DO YOU HAVE ANY WALLS/SHUTTERS/HOARDINGS WE CAN PAINT? Which are London based! If so email us at callinglondoninfo@gmail.com

Below are a selection of works we have being involved in facilitating or organizing.P1320993













8 comments on “About

  1. A fantastic compilation of a very rich year of street art in London. Appreciate the quality of the information provided about the pieces chosen. Well done !

  2. Great blog, great reviews keep up the good work for 2016..see you on the streets bro.

    So hard to chose the best pieces of the year with so many talented and technically skilled artists to chose from. A standout piece for me is by Title in Brixton, amazing piece. Lovepusher his lettering is just phenomenal…Cenz for the relentless effort he went to this year. Cekis for the meaning behind his fences. Cranio for his humour/importance of the work he does…The list is endless thanks to all the artists contributing to making London the greatest outdoor gallery in the world and for you guys documenting it.

  3. fantastic review of a very busy year… thanks a lot for sharing and I’ll be chasing up those Clet Abrahams next time I’m in town. Just wanted to point out that PichiAvo are a duo from Valencia – not sure which one’s Pichi or Avo but one of them speaks good English! Good interview with them on Graffiti Street website at the moment. Cheers, Paul

  4. Read about your plan regarding Maple road after seeing the Artista piece in Penge (on Nemos fish n chip shop, which I love). I am in the process of organising a street art festival in Penge (aiming for inclusion in the Penge festival in June maybe) and wondered if we could combine the two in some way?

  5. Hi, thank you very much for your manny informations about great streetart in London. I visited London this summer and saw a lot of these spots, where you collect your photos. Your blog was a big help to plan my tour. Thank you very much for your work.
    I wrote a little guidebook in german language with my favorite spots, you can find it here:
    Greetings. Jörg

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