Airborne Mark, Elno, Seeds One, Artista & Dan Kitchener Takeover The Shoreditch Art Wall

Monday and Tueday this week saw five artists, namely: Airborne Mark, Elno, Seeds One, Artista and Dan Kitchener take to the Shoreditch Art Wall in order to showcase their work and bring some much needed colour and Street Art to this feature wall in the heart of Shoreditch. In the absence of advertisement agencies taking order of the Shoreditch Art Wall, one of the premier walls for passing traffic in the East End, the people who run the wall have been allowing artists to paint the art wall free of charge and in the process brought some lovely art works to this spot. Having noticed the lack of adverts of late and that there were free weeks in the booking calendar we set to contact Peter Mackeonis who runs the Shoreditch Art Wall and he most kindly agreed to let us put together a set of works showcasing several artists across the whole space.

Once we got confirmation for the space we set to contact five artists whose works we admire and who over the last year have really helped us out with various things, sharing our posts, allowing us to document the works and projects they are involved with and primarily just giving us the time of day when we first started out last year. This making for the only appropriate way to get such a wonderful spot painted with a diverse mixture of high quality Street Art, we were absolutely delighted that all were willing to be involved. Next we set to decide on how to work the four panels that comprise the wall with five artists, and we figured the best way to divide the wall was with a single artist taking the end panel each and splitting the remaining central two panels in three, along the architectural divides in the wall.

With this planned and the artists having picked their spots Monday and Tuesday arrived and saw this wall receive a superb fresh make over which resulted in a very diverse range of styles and subjects sitting side by side. Despite the cold weather over the two days, and it was bitter, everyone was in fine spirits and the artists certainly created a spectacle with countless passers by stopping to admire the works coming to life and take some pictures. For us it was an absolute pleasure to see this wall come alive, left awash with colour in the artists wake, and we really couldn’t be happier with the end result of all the artists hard work, presenting a delightful visual extravaganza with something for everyone to enjoy as an individual work and as a stunning whole. As is the nature of this wall, sadly the works will only be on display until Monday, so if you are London bound, be sure to head out over the coming days to catch it, if you can’t we have many many images below for you to enjoy..

As is often the case we couldn’t do what we do without the help we receive from the artists and friends we have made along the way and this includes putting together this production over the last few days. So for a start we would like to say a massive thank you to all the artists who took part on the wall for being so supportive over the last year of us running the blog, for being so kind in general and helping to make it such a fantastic fun filled year. Thank you all.

We would very much like to also say thanks to our fellow enthusiasts who came by to support the work over the two days and for promoting the project in many ways. Firstly to Street Art Atlas for enduring the cold for the duration of the two days painting to document the work, as well as the many friends we have made over the last year who turned out to show their support: M Frenchi, Spike ML, Ch4rbear, Speckles, Wandster, ArtNow&Then & Zomsnota. Thank you all. Last but not least we would like to say thank you to the Village Underground who most kindly granted us access to their roof to document the works as they happened and once completed.


Arriving bright and early Dan Kitchener sketching up for his days work.


Airborne Mark sketching out his centre piece.


Elno at work with her roller on her background.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Airborne Mark, Elno, Artista & Dan Kitchener at work.


Airborne Mark at work on his cosmic background.


Dan Kitchener at work, really getting into the flow of his work by this stage.


Arista & Dan Kitchener at work.


Work-in-progress Monday afternoon.


Dan Kitchener at work.


Dan Kitchener at work on the red London bus.


Rooftop view of Airborne Mark, Elno, Artista & Dan Kitchener at work. 


Rooftop view of Airborne Mark & Elno at work. 


Rooftop view of Elno at work. 


Rooftop view of Airborne Mark at work. 


Elno at work.


Airborne Mark adding his ‘Origami Riots’ tag.


Work done Dan Kitchener signs his piece.


Airborne Mark & Elno back at work on Tuesday.


Elno at work on the defining black outlines.


Airborne Mark & Elno back at work.


Elno at work.


Seeds One arrives to lay out his work in the centre of the wall.


Airborne Mark & Seeds One at work.


Airborne Mark at work, with the piece really coming to life at this stage.


Rooftop view of Airborne Mark, Elno & Seeds One at work.


Rooftop view of Seeds One at work.


Rooftop view of Airborne Mark & Elno at work.


Rooftop view of Airborne Mark at work.


Rooftop view of Elno at work.


Seeds One at work with his evil bunny coming to life, looking more sinister in the lamp light glow.


Seeds One at work.


Seeds One finished work Tuesday evening, completing the wall.


The finished works Tuesday night.


The superb set of finished works. We couldn’t be happier with the wall as a whole or with any of the composite works.



Awesome origami Seahorse that really pops off of the wall from Airborne Mark, set in a perfectly symmetrical cosmic setting, showcasing his very own brand of ‘Origami Riots’.



Detail of work by Airborne Mark.


Beautiful work ‘Blue Heart’ by Elno, painted for her little sister Isa. Really a treat to see Elno really step up her work for this piece, the best we have seen from this artist to date.


Detail of work by Elno.


Detail of work by Elno.


Works by Elno, Seeds One & Artista.


Work by Seeds One, featuring his Tron inspired ‘Hacker Bunny’ looming out of the centre of the wall ready to get all your data.


Detail of work by Seeds One.


Detail of work by Seeds One, with a most generous shout out to LDN Callin innit.


Lovely and ever vibrant work  from Artista with her classic A Flying Toast character set amid a delightful living jungle scene.


‘London Calling’ by Dan Kitchener. Honoured to have the work named after the blog and to see one of Dank’s trademark ‘Liquid Lights’ scenes featuring a rainy traffic scene from London town. Would you believe us if we told you this work took only six hours to complete?



Detail of work by Dan Kitchener, a real treat to see the classic London red bus get the ‘Liquid Lights’ treatment from Dank.


Rooftop view of the finished works.



Rooftop view of works from Airborne Mark & Elno.


Rooftop view of work from Airborne Mark.


Rooftop view of works from Elno, Seeds One & Artista..


Rooftop view of works from Elno & Seeds One.


Rooftop view of work from Elno.


Rooftop view of work from Seeds One.


Rooftop view of work from Dan Kitchener.


Rooftop view of work from Dan Kitchener.


Rooftop view of work from Dan Kitchener.



17 comments on “Airborne Mark, Elno, Seeds One, Artista & Dan Kitchener Takeover The Shoreditch Art Wall

  1. Really nice seeing all the effort put in by the street artists and all the folks behind the scenes.. I know how cold it was in London on Monday!!!! I will make every effort to see this myself on Saturday. Great work everyone involved..

      • Could not make it as I forgot I had a Eastbourne trip booked for the weekend.. I can always look back on your photos thou!!! Again nice selection of artwork

  2. Really impressive organisation to get five artists along to do this wall. Great contrasting styles too. Must get Dan Kitchener to do more pieces in Bristol – I do hope he will be down for Upfest this year.

  3. Top work there. So delighted for you that this came together so well. Love the high angle shots too. I’ve been kept away by working but plan to swing by tomorrow. What will your next challenge be?

  4. Oh boy, this is awesome!
    Congratulations London Calling and all you artists involved. I regret not being in London to see this live! Hope to see more of this on the way back!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Fabio, we hope to get the opportunity to get more things like this constructed in the future around London, only time will tell. Cheers for the support. We look forward to seeing what you make happen next also London way, in the meantime, Happy Travels man.

  5. We made one of our catching-up visits to Shoreditch on Tuesday (Feb 16) evening. We found Seeds One at work and I had a chat with him and we swapped cards. He told me you had organized the gig and that you had been by just a few minutes before. Shame I missed you. Maybe another time 🙂

    • Hey Tanya, we are glad you like and appreciate your kind words and taking the time to share on social media. We had very much fun with this project and the artists were chosen as a thank you for all the support they have given us, everyone was free to paint what they want, once we got idea of what this was we set to have the cosmic flowing colours flanking a pair of bright illustration driven works then all nicely tied together by the central figure from Seeds One. All the artists involved were exceptionally kind and really went for it on this occasion.

  6. Wow! Such a great collaboration – not sure I’ve ever seen one on the art wall that has worked so well! I’m in love with all the works on here – Elno is prob my favourite – but how can you not love all of them! The artists really went all out on this, amazing work organising such artists! 🙂

    • Thanks New Art Rioter, we are glad you like the work, and we here couldn’t be happier with the result, as you say “The artists really went all out on this”. Thank You.

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