A Street Art Guide To Penge

Seeing as our Street Art Community Project in Penge aka SprayExhibition20 has thus far exceeded our wildest expectations and there are now some 102 artworks to be spied around town we thought we would put together a free Street Art Guide to Penge. This walk will take you about 3-4 hours (depending how long you stop to admire the artwork and take photos along the way) and is a short walk from either Penge East or Anerley Station. Our walk begins and ends at Penge East Station, where the art trail begins as soon as you leave the station and can be completed in 15 easy steps. We would also suggest taking the tour on a Sunday in order to have the best chance of catching the dozen or so shutters that have been painted down and in all their glory.

1: Exit Penge East Station and turn left into St Johns Road where the Street Art trail begins with a selection of 6 works by Alice Pasquini, Dotmaster, Artista, Chinagirl Tile, Carleen De Sozer & Dope.


‘Golden Goddess’ by Carleen De Sozer in Station Road.


Work by Dotmaster in Station Road.


Works by Artista, Chinagirl Tile & Dope in St Johns Road.


Work by Alice Pasquini in St Johns Road.


Work from Chinagirl Tile in St Johns Road.


Work by Dotmaster in St Johns Road.

2: When done at this first stop carry on along St Johns Road until you reach the main road and turn left, cross at the zebra crossing, turn left and then take the first right into Maple Road, a road now containing some 35 artworks alone. Stay on the right hand side and between 197 & 199 Maple Road you will see a gate leading to a little courtyard where you can find the first six, almost hidden artworks, along this stretch of town with works from Artista, Coloquix, Anthea Missy, Dotmaster, Rocket01 & Decolife to be spied.


Work by Artista.


Works by Rocket01.


Work by Anthea Missy.


Work by Decolife.


Work by Coloquix.

3: When done in the courtyard turn around and head right back on to Maple Road where you will immediately stumble upon work by Sr. X then you shall come upon a garden wall containing work from DRT & JXC just in front of you, then cross over to see a selection of works from Giusi Tomasello, Skeleton Cardboard, Gary Alford, Dotmaster, Airborne Mark, Morgazmik, Falko1, Zina, Artista, Hunto & James Chuter.


‘Oh, Hello Molly!’ by Sr. X in Maple Road.

iphone pics 2017 425.JPG

Work by DRT in Maple Road.


Work by Giusi Tomasello in Maple Road.


Work by Gary Alford in Maple Road.


Work by JXC in Maple Road.


Work by Dotmaster in Maple Road.


Works by Airborne Mark, Motgandy, Zina & Artista in Maple Road.


‘Aslan’ by Airborne Mark in Maple Road.


Work by Morgazmik in Maple Road.


Work by Falko1 in Maple Road.


Work by Zina in Maple Road.


Work by Artista in Maple Road.


Work by Hunto in Maple Road.


Work by Nick Wakeling in Maple Road.


Work by James Chuter in Maple Road.

4: When you reach the wall by Hunto, cross over and carry on up Maple Road until you reach a pair of walls painted by Irony & Ant Carver respectively, a series of shutters by Aero, Artista, Decolife & Itaewon, as well as a trio of miniature delights from Dotmaster, Maikel Walkman and Alice Pasquini to keep an eye out for.


‘The Price Of Everything’ by Irony in Maple Road.


Work by Aero in Maple Road.


Work by Ant Carver in Maple Road.


Works by Decolife & Aero in Maple Road.


Work by Dotmaster in Maple Road.


Work by Alice Pasquini in Penge.


Works by Decolife & Artista in Maple Road.


Work by Itaewon in Maple Road.

5: From here look left and down the side of the Maple Tree pub in Padua Road for a series of works by Dotmaster, DRT and Nerone, then continue back along Maple Road.


Work by Dotmaster in Padua Road.


Work by Nerone in Padua Road.

6: Carry on up Maple Road until you spy this garden wall painted by Airborne Mark across the street and be sure to peak around the corner in Stodart Road to spy works by Falko1 & Artista.


Work by Airborne Mark in Maple Road.


Work by Artista in Stodart Road.


Work by Falko1 in Stodart Road.

7: From here head back onto Maple Road and cross over and turn into Jasmine Grove where you will spy work by Aspire on your along on your right, from here carry on right the way through the grove and veer firstly right for 5 or so minutes to see a shipping container painted by Nerone and then turn around and carry on back to the end of the road steering into Anerley Station Road until you reach the shutter painted by Artista.


Work by Aspire in Jasmine Grove.


Work by Nerone in Oakfield Road.


8: Carry on past Artista’s shutter and take a left on Elmers End Road for a good 7-8 minutes until you reach the corner of Marlowe Road on your right, turn here and carry on until to fifth turning on your left leads you into Ashleigh Road for a fantastic scene that is well worth the detour by Boe & Irony. 


Work by Boe & Irony in Ashleigh Road.

9. When done here come back the way you came until you reach the main road, cross over the road, turn right and take the immediate left into Ravenscroft Road where you can find a trio of works by Woskerski, DRT/Coloquix and Soureye. From here carry on along Ravenscroft Road and take the next left in to Oak Grove Road and then take the next right into Chesham Road and keep your eyes peeled for a pair of works from TRUSTiCON & Aspire.


Works by Woskerski, DRT & Soureye in Ravenscroft Road.


Updated post-collaboration from DRT & Coloquix.


Work by TRUSTiCON in Chesham Road.


Work by Aspire in Chesham Road.

10: Carry on along Ravenscroft Road until you reach Avenue Road and take the first left, followed by the first right onto Percy Road to spy work by Artista on a garden wall. From here head back onto Avenue Road and turn right until reach you reach Croydon Road at the end and take a right where after a 5 minutes or so walk on your left you will reach Evelina Road with a set of works by Dan Kitchener, Fanakapan, Autone, DZIA, Dotmaster, Skeleton Cardboard & Airborne Mark.


Work by Artista in Percy Road.


‘Jam’ by Dan Kitchener in Evelina Road.


‘Fragile Dog Syndrome’ by Fanakapan in Evelina Road.


Work by Autone in Evelina Road.


Work by DZIA in Evelina Road.


Work by Skeleton Cardboard in Evelina Road.


Work by Dotmaster in Evelina Road.


Work by Airborne Mark in Evelina Road.

11: From here head back around the corner to Croydon Road, turning left until you reach the Pawleyne Arms pub on the corner of Croydon Road & Penge High Street who have some works from the ‘Bring It On Home’ Paint Jam in their garden with works from Itaewon, Roo, SkyHigh x Samer, Gums & Tongue & Morgazmik x Frankie Strand.


Works by Itaewon in the Pawleyne Arms.


Works by Roo in the Pawleyne Arms.


Work by Gums & Tongue Crew: The Real Dill, Alex Amery, Dahkoh & Agwa in the Pawleyne Arms.


Work by Morgazmik & Frankie Strand in the Pawleyne Arms.

12: Come out of the Pawleyne Arms and turn left into Penge High street and firstly keep an eye out for work by Dotmaster on your left then carry on until you reach an anamorphic work from Irony in an alleyway on your left followed by a trio of shutters on both sides of the high street by Falko1 & Artista. 


Work by Dotmaster in Penge High Street.


Work by Irony in Penge High Street.


Work by Dotmaster in Penge High Street.


Work by Falko1 in Penge High Street.


Work by Falko1 in Penge High Street.

13: From here cross into Southey Street on your right – before you turn into Southey Street currently site of some 14 artworks by Eins92, Artista, Dreph, Dope, Mr Cenz, Aero, Stinkfish, Aspire, Maikel Walkman, Airborne Mark, Mr Christa, Alice Pasquini & Falko1. Be sure to venture down the alleyway opposite Dreph’s work to find the series of works on and around the local brewery.


Work by Eins92 in Penge High Street.


Work by Artista in Southey Street.


Work by Dreph in Southey Street.


Work by Dope in Southey Street.


Work by Mr Cenz in Southey Street.


Airo’ by Aero in Southey Street.


Work by Stinkfish in Southey Street.


Work by Aspire in Southey Street.


Work by Maikel Walkman in Southey Street.


Work by Airborne Mark.


Work by Mr Christa.


Work by Alice Pasquini in Southey Street.


Work by Falko1 in Southey Street.

14: From Falko’s elephant carry on to the end of Southey Street and turn left into Wordsworth Road where at the corner of Penge Lane you will see a fantastic addition by Sr. X (look up) and from here turn right and walk along the modest parade of shops until you reach the shop on the corner where of a weekend or evening you can spy one of a beautiful trio of works by Aspire in this corner of town and one of several fun Skeleton Cardboard additions to the town, and a then carry on to the end of the road and on your left in Parish Lane you can find a lovely work by Jane Mutiny. 


Work by Sr. X


Work by Aspire in Bycroft Street.


Work by Skeleton Cardboard in Bycroft Street.


Work by Aspire in Bycroft Street.


Work by Aspire in Penge Lane.


Work by Jane Mutiny in Parish Lane.

15: From here head back along Penge Lane the way you came and take the first right into Queen Adelaide Road, carry on to the end and turn right back into St Johns Road where in a few minutes you will find yourself back at Penge East Station and thus your walk is concluded. We hope you have enjoyed.

19 comments on “A Street Art Guide To Penge

  1. Well done, what you’ve achieved in Penge is fantastic. I’ve enjoyed watching the artists and exploring SE20. It’s even better now I know that Penge East is only 12 minutes from Brixton…….

  2. I’m never likely to follow this route on the ground but enjoyed the virtual tour, thanks. An impressive variety of styles and themes.

  3. We bumped into you earlier today just as we were coming up Maple Street doing this tour. Saw almost everything here, this blog post was essential!

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