New Boe & Irony Street Art Badgers In Penge

Here we are eagerly taking a look at one of the most recent additions to Penge’s blossoming art gallery, with this stunning collaboration – the first in Penge, by artists Boe and Irony. Setting to paint the lower half of a side of a residential spot in Ashleigh Road with a design presenting a sett of lazy badgers loitering in the grassy pathway beside the premises, the artists certainly left their mark on the area.

It is always a pleasure to see work from this pair for a number of reasons. Firstly the level of hyper-realism they create in their works, which combined with their ability to pick interesting subjects make for works which are so full of life. Secondly the ability this duo share in being able to paint so harmoniously and seamlessly together leaving the viewer at a loss as to who painted which elements, truly impressive. Thirdly and what we love most is their innate sense of utilising spaces so well, no matter how awkward, setting to make their work blend so brilliantly with the immediate environment, something which infuses their work with so much character.

So it is with this in mind that we and the proud owners who generously donated the space for the artists to work are beyond pleased with the result of this latest addition to town with a work that masterfully uses the space on offer with the badgers presented in a linear perspective extending along the wall becoming increasingly visible as you walk along Ashleigh Road, gradually coming increasingly in to view until you are presented by the full extent of this cheeky bunch of larger-than-life layabouts relaxing in this alleyway between the houses. Top quality work which simultaneously blends into the house and yet the subjects just pop from the wall they adorn. very much one of the most fun works about SE20 at current. Thank you to the owners of the space and of course to Boe & Irony for coming down add something so good in Penge for our community mural project SprayExhibition20.



















3 comments on “New Boe & Irony Street Art Badgers In Penge

  1. Is this artwork still present? If so, would you allow people to visit for photos? As a badger protector / rescuer, this is amazing!

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