New SPZero76 Street Art ‘The Delivery’ in Stockwell

Here we are taking a look at a fantastic addition to the Love Lane community Street Art project we are involved in with support from the local residents produced by SPZero76. What a scene it is, set in a future world ‘After The Robot Apocalypse’ in which the resistance is battling for existence and in this particular part of the story entitled “The Delivery” the male figure – the head of the resistance – is set about to receive delivery of a vital piece of information or an item that is essential in the ensuing fight from the female courier who is set accompanied by her robot protector – someone that you don’t want to mess with by the looks of it – and all set in the foreground of a dull decaying city full of so much detail that really draws you into the story set forth by SPZero76 so masterfully. As always big thanks to Steve and all the owners of the respective spaces for allowing SPZero76 to add something so cool to their property and of course a BIG thanks to SPZero76 for coming all the way from Bristol to paint and support the community project in Stockwell Lane. Super big shout out to Street Art Atlas for all her support on getting this work up!


SPZero76 at work on the feature characters of the design.


SPZero76 at work while becoming the subject of interest for a Street Art tour.


The excellent finished work, what a captivating scene so perfectly executed.














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