New Core246 Street Art & Graffiti in Stockwell

Here we are taking a look at a pair of works, both in Stockwell, placed up a few weeks back by Spanish born, but London based, Graffiti Writer and Street Artist Core246 who certainly gave an excellent insight of his artistic range with the two respective works placed up in a single day. Starting with a striking portrait work in Stockwell and then moving off to paint a letter work in the nearby Stockwell Hall of Fame, Core246 amply demonstrated he can do it all. Of course a BIG thanks to Core246 for coming by to paint and support the community project in Stockwell.


Core246 at work in Stockwell.


The beautiful finished work in Stockwell.





Core246 at work on his second work of the day, this time in the Stockwell Hall of Fame.


The funky finished work in the Stockwell Hall of Fame.


Work alongside Sorez.


Great work by Sorez.


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