Do1Cancer Paint Jam in the Stockwell Hall of Fame

A couple of Sundays back saw the latest installment of the now annual Do1Cancer event  which in the past has seen a host of Graffiti Writers and Street Artists hit the legal walls in Leake Street and at the Stockwell Hall of Fame to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research. This year however in addition to the main Paint Jam in Leake Street which raised over £1000 on the day this year, writers and artists were invited to paint for the cause wherever they could. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the Paint Jam in Leake Street but did manage to catch some great works from the Stockwell Hall of Fame placed up for Do1Cancer of which we are sharing below and you if you wish to you can still donate money to the good cause via


Work by Lase.


Work by Lifer.


Work by Woskerski.


Work by ???.


Work by Fidget.


Work by Chips CDSK.


Work by Neist.

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