New DZIA Street Art In London

A month back now saw a brief visit to London from Belgian Street Artist DZIA who whilst over took the time to leave London with a pair of his fantastic artworks. Only the second time DZIA has visited London, having previously painted in Brick Lane in 2015 (covered here), on this occasion DZIA painted one work in Penge and another in Camden Town. DZIA’s work features depictions of exceptionally detailed animals with his signature style defined by his use of bold abstract and geometric lines that really bring his pieces to life and this is what DZIA has so very well done with his delightful pair of recent works.


A fantastic Hare in Evelina Road, Penge, put up with support from London Calling Blog as part of SprayExhibition20.






We would like to say thank you to DZIA for painting in Penge for our community project!


A superb addition to a pre-exisiting Dotmasters work in Camden Town with this excellent Pigeon which has also been given its own heart to accompany the subject of Dotmasters Rude Kid spraying a heart. This work can be found on Castlehaven Road, Camden Town, and were put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.





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