New Stik Street Art ‘Past, Present & Future’ In Shoreditch

Just over a week back saw the completion of Stik’s latest London Mural, with a superbly placed and constructed work located in the Red Gallery on the corner of Old Street. As is often the case it is impressive as to how much meaning, depth and emotion Stik can generate in such an essentially minimalist formatting. What is also noticeable upon seeing such fresh work from is how clean the lines are and how smooth the texture of the piece is, it’s as if the piece has been computer generated and explains as to why Stik spends so much time on his work, when one would assume it must take him no time at all. The work entitled ‘Past, Present & Future’ is very poignant in subject  for its setting, with the area of Shoreditch undergoing so much transformation in the name of gentrification, Stik’s trio of characters are setting, from, in and to the many stages of this area. With the character on the left looking back to the past, the central figure facing straight out in to the present and the character on the right looking and stepping into the future.







This work by Stik can also be found to the right of this work aloft an adjacent wall in the Red Galleries premises on the corner of Old Street and Great Eastern Street.

2 comments on “New Stik Street Art ‘Past, Present & Future’ In Shoreditch

  1. Shame this has already been covered up by a Google Pixel advert – and the other long term Stik work has already gone.

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