New Himbad Street Art In Camden Town

It has been a good few months since London was last treated to some fresh work from Himbad, with his last major piece being painted in Shoreditch back in February (covered here), so it was with great delight we stumbled upon this reworked lorry by Himbad in Camden Town. Painting the right side solo and the left side in collaboration with Dotmasters, both works feature some of Himbad’s distinct and trademark cats (it’s all about the eyes) that certainly bring life and a little mischief to this mobile canvas. These fantastic works can be found potentially anywhere around London’s streets, but most likely in Camden Town and were put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art.


The first and larger work from Himbad on one side of this Lorry.






Fantastic collaboration between Himbad and Dotmasters in which Dotmasters ‘Rude Kid’ is seen to be peeling of the cover of this truck in which resides one of Himbad’s menacing creations which are so full of life.



Detail of work by Himbad.


Detail of one of Dotmaster’s ‘Rude Kid’ stencils.

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