New Eelus Street Art ‘Trip The Light Fantastic’ In Walthamstow

It’s been quite some time since London received a visit from UK based Street Artist Eelus, so it was quite a delight to hear that last week he hit up this striking work entitled ‘Trip The Light Fantastic’ in Walthamstow. Eelus’ work often presents a fusion of the beautiful and haunting, humorous and sinister as well as light and dark, as is the case with this new addition to Walthamstow. This very much sums up this work featuring a black and grey stencil of a woman being made to dance like a puppet aided by the many colourful strings keeping control, very much beautiful and sinister at the same time. This work can be found in Spruce Hill Road, Walthamstow, and was put up with support from Wood Street Walls.








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