New Himbad Street Art In Shoreditch

Last week in Shoreditch over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday, Street Artist Himbad set to work to paint a large-scale mural entirely by rollers. With this wall providing an awkward spot to accomplish anything of such scale due to the height restrictions and lack of ability to rig up any suitable tower or ladder system, it seems that Himbad decided there was only one way forward and that was armed with his trusty roller and a few tubs of paint. We have to say it was quite a treat to witness some of this mural being constructed and it certainly must of proved exhausting work when one considers the incredible distance from which Himbad was painting his work. It is also for this reason that one has to be impressed with the level of detail in his trademark cat character and in being able to keep it looking so relatively tight and tidy, just look at the pupils in the upper set of eyes and consider how one would set to create such effect from 20-3oft away. Certainly a work that grabs your attention, dominating your view as you head along Sclater Street into Brick Lane and very much one that deserves to for the effort involved in creating this piece. We have long been big fans of  Himbad’s Street Art output and this may not be his most textured or in-depth work but it is one that has to command your respect for the sheer scale of the work and the techniques employed.


Himbad at work, can you see the roller?


Himbad at work.


Himbad at work.


Himbad at work.


Himbad taking a step back and assessing his work-in-progress.


The superb finished piece, a real masterpiece when one considers the scale of the work and the techniques employed in its construction. Upon viewing this one is left with the feeling that only Himbad could of pulled this off. 





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