New Kaes Street Art In Shoreditch

Over the last few weeks or so Spanish born, but London based Graffiti artist Kaes has hit up an delightful pair of works in Shoreditch. We here at London Calling Blog very much enjoy seeing Kaes’ simple yet striking character portraits, which represent a fusion of character, colour and geometry, with the subject merging into and from the background, the shapes passing through the scene and character. These characters are often depicted in an expression of gasping shock, almost as if as opposed to being the spectacle, the painting is reacting to your presence. Kaes’ characters are quite reminiscent of Lichtenstein’s female characters, but are presented in a more modern fashion, also suggesting a sense of being more savvy than the more classic simpering damsels in Lichtenstein’s work.


‘Men With No Future’ in Sclater Street.




Work in Rivington Street, placed up on the side gate of the Red Gallery. 




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