New Zabou Street Art Around London

Well it’s been some time since we provided an update on Zabou, one of London’s most prolific artists, this is entirely our fault, as she has as always very much been out and about adding her own brand of fun and beauty to London’s streets. Unfortunately we have been unable so far to capture a shutter on Hackney Road she has painted since our last update on her works. We love seeing Zabou’s works about town, fueled with such humour or warmth, guaranteed to elicit a range of responses and emotions which are always set to improve our day.


‘In Art We Trust’ painted at the Saatchi Gallery for her part in the ‘XX: A Moment In Time’.. 



Zabou at work, preapring for Valentines Day.


The striking ‘No Future But A Beautiful Present’, depicting a touching pair portraits of some friends of hers.


‘Hackney’ painted along Kingsland Road in Haggerston, offering a great reworking of this spot.



‘Frida’, an excellent collaboration with yarn-bombing artist Villana depicting the one and only Frida Kahlo.






‘Danger’ just off Hackney Road, with another superb example of Zabou’s innate ability to integrate the location and surroundings with her works, not just wishing to paint on the street, she makes her works part of the street.




‘Still Rocking Bitches’ on display at the Box Park as part of the ‘HMQ90’ exhibition celebrating the Queen turning 90, curated by Olly Walker. Unfortunately this was the best show we got of the piece, having missed Zabou painting it outside the Box Park. This work is just so fundamentally Zabou, pure tongue-in-cheek unadulterated fun, a piece that certainly brought a smile to our faces upon viewing.




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