New Chinagirl Tile Street Art In London May 2016

Over the weekend London was fortunate enough to receive a second visit this year from Austrian Street Art Ceramicist Chinagirl Tile, who whilst over took the time to place up five of her ceramic delights around London. Leaving her mark around Leake Street and Penge in South London as well as in Shoreditch and Brick Lane in East London, Chinagirl Tile’s works really are something different and a treasure to stumble upon. Through her work ChinaGirl Tile aptly considers herself an ‘Activist Artist’, setting to create a series of ‘Interventions’ aiming to make people think about the world around them.

Beyond the message underlying her works, is the exceptional labour intensive hard work that goes into every single Tile she creates, something which could easily be dismissed upon seeing such subtle creations on the Street. ChinaGirl Tile spends several weeks working on each design, in a process that starts with her sketching out her design, then rolling out her clay and marking the detail with a knife, which has to be left for at least three weeks to rest, as if the clay isn’t completely dry it will burst in the kiln. At this stage any colour is added to her design with ceramic glazing paint, which is powder and water based substance, then fired for a second time in the kiln at temperatures of 900 °C and then again requiring at least a couple of days to dry.


An exceptionally well placed work In Leake Street.



Work in St John’s Road, Penge, that she most kindly came and placed up in our very own Penge as part of our SprayExhibition20 Project which we are beyond delighted with. Thank you Chinagirl Tile, the local community love it also.




Work in Rivington Street, Shoreditch, put up with support from Mikey Dread.


On this occasion the rabbit is accompanied by a blue hand grenade.




Work in Brick Lane, adorning the sign of Montys Bar.



Colourful work appropriately placed up in the Nomadic Community Gardens. 

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