New Oliver Smith Graffiti In Shoreditch

Last week in the East End, Graffiti Writer Oliver Smith painted the four panels comprising the Shoreditch Art Wall along Great Eastern Street. In the absence of advertisement agencies taking order of the Shoreditch Art Wall, one of the premier walls for passing traffic in the East End, the people who run the wall have been allowing artists to paint the art wall free of charge and in the process brought some lovely art works to this feature wall in the heart of Shoreditch.

For the latest work, which sadly we only got to photo yesterday on its final day for viewing, presents an interesting piece of abstract Graffiti based on traditional London style letter work. The blocks of colour interspersed through the work add calm to the chaotic geometric direction of the work, with the metallic colours in some parts, really adding that traditional graffiti dynamic to the work, while the addition of the gold frame is a very nice touch, which ties the work together.


Oliver Smith at work.


Oliver Smith at work.


Oliver Smith at work.


Oliver Smith at work.


The finished work.









3 comments on “New Oliver Smith Graffiti In Shoreditch

  1. Very bland and what a disappointment for such a prime spot for displaying art… That said there are two likes above so one must always respect what others like. I guess that is one positive to write!

    • That is the bottom and diplomatic line Mitch, ultimately a subjective situation, we admittedly aren’t as big on Graffiti as we are Street Art, but like to share some good pieces when we can for the sake of the diversity on the scene.

      • Many thanks for what I anticipated as a difficult reply.. I just don’t get it, maybe I’m missing something but I would not list this as traditional graffiti in any form. I see the likes have gone up to 6 so that makes me scratch my head even more… I do keep a good eye out on all forms of art and really don’t like to criticise. But on the other side of the fence ##### are they having a little smile in what they can get away with sometimes?

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