New Mr Cenz Street Art In Shoreditch

Earlier this week over Tuesday and Wednesday Street Artist Mr Cenz added his freshest London work in New Inn Yard, Shoreditch, replacing a piece of his in the same spot, just fancying a change. This marks the second London work from Mr Cenz so far in 2016, with his first work being the large-scale mural painted in Brixton a few weeks ago (covered here), and on this occasion featuring a more Graffiti style dynamic, with his striking portrait set alongside his flowing ‘Cenz’ tag. We are fairly sure it won’t be to long before we have yet another stunning work from Mr Cenz to share with you, but in the meantime enjoy the images we have here for you.


Mr Cenz at work.


Mr Cenz at work.


The lovely finished work from Mr Cenz.









2 comments on “New Mr Cenz Street Art In Shoreditch

  1. Always like seeing Mr Cenz artwork but I don’t like that c painted on her face.. Looks very commercial sorry to say!!!

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