New Irony Street Art In Tooting

This morning we are back in Tooting, an area that is currently undergoing a colourful transformation due to the great work of The Real Art of Street Art and Irony, who have set to start decorating the Tooting Market and it’s surrounding walls with a series of beautiful murals. The project may be pretty fresh but it is already coming into its own, with there currently being some twelve works already to be seen in the area and nine of those put up since the new year. We have already reported on Airborne Mark’s Tooting work (covered here) as well as the works in the area by Fanakapan (covered here), Louis Masai (covered here) & Oliver Roubieu (covered here), however today we are looking at the latest work in Tooting by Irony. Irony has certainly been busy of late with this project, helping organize and contributing directly too, with this piece marking his second work in Tooting (we will be sharing his part in a superb five artist production when it is finalized).

Having seen this piece sketched out a couple of weeks ago whilst going to capture Fanakapan’s work we have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to view the finished article and haven’t been left disappointed. The work is most striking and really suits it location just along Tooting High Street, depicting a hyper-realistic portrait of a woman dressed in hoodie and baseball cap with a rather mischievous looking cat resting along her shoulders. The depth in this work, exemplified in the creases on her hoodie, or from the cat hanging around her neck, and especially with the dangling headphones, are what really brings this piece to life, however it is the casual expression of the female subject that grabs our focus, not a care in the world, just casually going about her business with a carrying a cat on her shoulders without any sense of it being out of the ordinary.

We would also like to say thank you to the guys at the fruit stall who kindly moved away as much stuff as they could so we could snap some photos.


Initial outlines underway.




The stunning finished piece.



Absolutely love the embroidered ‘Irony’ on the baseball cap.






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