New Fanakapan Street Art ‘Diet’ In Tooting

Earlier this week over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday Street Artist Fanakapan was out in Tooting to lay out his latest piece of ‘Helium Graff’ entitled ‘Diet’. In the process further advancing his change of direction over the last year, moving into a more monochrome approach to his helium balloon creations, offering the maximum opportunity to demonstrate his superb use of shadow and reflective light highlights to make the work just pop of the wall in a full-on 3D effect.

Luckily for us here at London Calling Blog we caught Fanakapan as he was finishing this magnificent work and he kindly took the time to explain the meaning behind the piece with us. The piece  entitled ‘Diet’  which proves very fitting to the time of year, with New Years resolutions still in the air, is a look at the way in which people destroy themselves to try and attain the image of themselves they wish to project. With that in mind the ‘T’ at the end of ‘Diet’ is separated from the ‘Die’, highlighting how people kill themselves in such pursuits of ‘perfection’, this is further represented in how the ‘Die’ element is portrayed through deflated balloons, having lost their inner life and subsequently being dragged down and are sinking, whilst the ‘T’ remains perfectly inflated and staying aloft. What’s great about Fanakapan’s work is not just the way he paints such hyper-realistic representations of his subjects, but the choice in what words he wishes to express the meaning to his subject and how integral individual letters are set to convey these messages. This work was put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art & Irony.



Fanakapan at work. 


Fanakapan adding some of the finishing touches.


The stunning finished piece.








Night shot of Fanakapan’s work.

2 comments on “New Fanakapan Street Art ‘Diet’ In Tooting

    • Apologies for delay Mitch, completely forgot to include in the post, it’s along Tooting High Street, just before the market, can’t miss it. Tooting is going to have some incredible works in the coming weeks.

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