New Louis Masai Street Art In Tooting Broadway

Over the last week Tooting Broadway has found itself canvas to a series of new Street Art pieces that are really brightening up the area and bringing life to the walls surrounding Tooting Market. This has been facilitated by the diligent work of The Real Art of Street Art and fellow artist Irony with the new project seeing a few works put up at the end of 2015 including work from Airborne Mark (covered here), but as the new year started several new pieces are appearing, with more set to follow. Yesterday we shared the work from Fanakapan (covered here) placed up last week in Tooting and now we would like to take a look at a delightful pair of works placed up by Louis Masai this last week.


Louis Masai’s first work placed up in Totterdown Street. 


The piece superbly depicting a Blue Marlin in his patchwork cuddly toy motif, which relates to the concept of animals being reduced to nothing more than a child’s toy, a representation to the memory of itself, presenting a chilling forewarning against the damage and destruction mankind is perpetrating around the globe. The Blue Marlin is endangered due to trophy hunting.







Louis Masai’s second work placed up on Friday along Tooting High Street.


The piece depicting a beautiful ‘Heart Coral’ is a continuation of a recent ongoing project in conjunction with Synchronicity Earth setting to raise public awareness and a network for change, as by 2030, 90% of the planets Coral Reef ecosystems will be threatened, potentially losing an incredibly diverse array of marine life from the tiny to the largest of creatures, as those depicted in Louis Masai’s work.  A few months ago Louis Masai painted an incredible large-scale mural of a flourishing Coral Reef in Shoreditch (covered here) and this is thus far the second work placed up in London looking at Coral.




2 comments on “New Louis Masai Street Art In Tooting Broadway

    • Agreed Marc, it’s great to see Street Art appear in new areas and we are certain Tooting is going to set a very high standard with the calibre of artists having already and set to paint the area.

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