New Olivier Roubieu Street Art In Tooting

Last week Street Artist Olivier Roubieu over the course of a couple of days in Tooting set to create his latest portrait work and add one of the latest additions to the rapidly growing set of Street Art murals in Tooting. Olivier Roubieu has certainly being proactive over the last five to six weeks, and this piece marks his fifth work in his new style. On this occasion the subject is actor Daniel Craig as James Bond making red certainly the most appropriate choice for Olivier’s splash of colour. At an initial glance this addition gives the impression of the work having been defaced, adding a sense of chaos to an otherwise clean and delicate work. However it is the spontaneous and unique dynamic to this new addition we love most, with no two splatters being the same, even if Olivier repainted the base portrait identically, you wouldn’t be viewing the same piece as is below, once he adds that splash of colour. This work was put up with support from The Real Art of Street Art & Irony.


Work-in-progress. This image was very kindly provided by M_Frenchi (@M_FRENCHI on Instagram).







Works by Olivier Roubieu, Louis Masai & Fanakapan.

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