The Street Art of Latimer Road

Over the last last six or so weeks Crowthorne Road, just off of Latimer Road in West London has become host to a delightful collection of Street Art pieces, initially placed up to support the ‘London Wall Street’ exhibition at the newly established pop-up Crows Nest Gallery (covered here), and with several other pieces popping up quite frequently it seems along this unassuming stretch. There are some great works along this road now, and it is always a pleasure to see Street Art start to appear in areas previously devoid of such visual delights. The currents highlights, not just due to their size, are the beautiful work from Zina and Dotmasters’ larger than life freehand work ‘The Biggest Toy in Toytown’. If you follow the path of the flyover to the left of these works you will find yourself at the Latimer Road Graffiti Hall of Fame, which is worth checking out also, should you be near by.


Beautiful soulful work by Zina.


Work by Zina.


‘The Biggest Toy in Toytown’ by Dotmasters.


Detail of work by Dotmasters.


Detail of work by Dotmasters.


Detail of work by Dotmasters.


Detail of work by Dotmasters.


Work by Teddy Baden.


Work by Teddy Baden.


Work by Oliver Switch.


Work by T.wat.


Work by Codefc.


Work by Snooty.


‘Link’ by Trust Icon.


‘Link’ by Trust Icon.


Works by Clet Abraham.


Work by Clet Abraham.


Work by Clet Abraham.


The Latimer Road Graffiti Hall of Fame.

2 comments on “The Street Art of Latimer Road

    • Glad to have helped with some names. We passed by at weekend and saw one piece being put up and was told a few more are coming over next few weeks.

      It is indeed a shame about the Clet Abraham works, one has been replaced and one has been stolen! No surprise with the price of his works and it’s largely surprising there are so many of his old works about anywhere to be honest.

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