‘London Wall Street’ Exhibition At The Crows Nest Gallery

Well it has taken us somewhat longer than planned to make it over to this exhibition, but better late than never and it was certainly worth the effort to visit the ‘London Wall Street’ exhibition at the Crows Nest Gallery in West London. The group show brings together a broad range of styles, with the Street Art  based elements curated by The Krah and the sculpture elements curated by Dan Moss, all in association with Artcore, who are a charity who set to provide affordable studio space and galleries for artists.


This is certainly an impressive exhibition and an equally impressive freshly created gallery space, offering the authentic run-down sense of urban decay, which several galleries have set to create, however this is very much the genuine article. There are an exceptionally high number of works on display, showcasing a diverse range of mediums and points of focus. Highlights for us here at London Calling Blog were the works from Trust Icon, Louis Masai, Mr Cenz, Ali Hamish, Cosmo Sarson and the pair of sculptures in the far room from Annalisa Mandia & Tony D’Amico.

The show unfortunately ends tomorrow, so if you are London bound be sure to head along to the Crows Nest Gallery while you can. The gallery can be found at 3-5 Crowthorne Road. Additionally there are now five fantastic pieces of Street Art on the outside premises, that really are worth the effort to visit for alone.


Work by Dotmasters.


Work by Dotmasters.


Work by T.Wat.


Work by T.Wat.


Work by T.Wat.


Work by Otto Schade.


Work by Otto Schade.


Work by Otto Schade.


Work by Tony D’Amico.


Work by Tony D’Amico.


Work by Annalisa Mandia.


Work by Annalisa Mandia.


Work by Vesna Parchet.


Work by Oliver Switch.


Work by Ali Hamish.


Work by Ali Hamish.


Work by Louis Masai.


Work by Louis Masai.


Work by Louis Masai.


Work by The Krah.


Work by The Krah.


Work by The Krah.


Work by Teddy Baden.


Work by Laurence Jansen.


Work by #CodeFC


Work by Trust Icon.


Work by Trust Icon.


Works by Mr Cenz.


Work by Mr Cenz.


Work by Zina.


Works by Cosmo Sarson.


Work by Cosmo Sarson.


Work by Neonita.


Work by Neonita.


Work by Bam Bam.


Work by Bam Bam.

4 comments on “‘London Wall Street’ Exhibition At The Crows Nest Gallery

    • I’m sooooooo guttttttted…… I went there today (24/10/2015) Not easy to find but when I did the place was closed!!!! Sooooo much wanted to see the artwork inside… I did manage to snap all the street art around there including two new Clet signs on the exit of the underground car park!! close by… In fact I came soooo close to taking one of the signs as they were at body height and the bolts were loose! After seeing the same signs more or less in the Graffik Gallery an hour befor priced at around £2,500 each. So you can see why I was quite tempted.. But I had a lot more things to do in london and lugging it on the buses and tube might have raised a few eyebrows, not to mention the train back home!

      • We were fortunate to get to see this show here, and we are sorry to hear you didn’t gain access in time, we do for the most part strive to advertise shows in enough tme for people to be able to attend, and are sorry for the late coverage of this event. However at least your journey wasn’t completely wasted as the exhibition has brought some beautiful works to an area that was previously devoid of Street Art. As for the Clet Abraham we can certainly appreciate your desire, but we think the fine for such an act would be more than buying the piece of your choice from the exhibition itself. Did you spy any of the Clet Abraham works along Portobello Road? we found 12 and will be posting on them soon.

  1. Nice comments folks….. I did see a couple of Clet signs around Portobella Road but 12 that’s a great haul indeed!! Another plus to being up west was looking at the street art around Trellick Tower. I also enjoyed seeing the artwork of Fiona Hawthorne printed on durable di – bond white steel on the walls of north Portobella road just off Goldbourne Road. Fiona captures lovely street scenes with local people from the area around Portobella Road in sketch / pen & ink form. Another nice plus nearby from coming out of the Graffik gallery was the vibe from the street food Latin America festival in Aklam Villge going on that day.. Shame the banksy there is looking in such poor condition. Quite a few old street art gems tucked away in Aklam Road. I must mention it’s worth a stroll along the Grand Union Canal passing through the overlooked “Meanwhile Gardens”. There is also a small skateboard park in there with some well worn street art. Keep a look out for a few nice stickers on the sides of red metal plant holders that caught my eye. Before I took the canal path to Trellik Towers I spotted a wonderful large murial painted on the gable side of a Harrow Road building that faced inside the private gardens of Athens Gardens. I took a couple of snaps through the railings and from the other side of the road. I really wanted to gain access to the gardens but that was not possible. My first call of the day was a visit to Kensal Cemetry to see the grave of Joshua Compton but that’s another story!!! Just before leaving West London to go to Leake street and Shoreditch, I got off the bus to snap some left over large artwork boards at the rear of the now empty Westbank Gallery. Not sure why they are just sitting there!! Ooooops sorry to side track!!!

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