Where To See Invader Street Art In London

On our recent rambles we have discovered several Invasions previously unbeknownst to us, so today we thought we would offer a guide as to where you can spot Street Art by French mosaic artist Invader around London.

Invader is a French artist who defines himself as a ‘UFA’, an ‘Unidentified Free Artist’. Under this guise Invader has since 1998 developed a large scale project, code name: Space Invaders. The primary purpose of the project is about liberating Art from its usual alienators in the form of institutions such as galleries and museums. Secondly it is about freeing the Space Invaders from their video game TV screens and to bring them into our physical world. With each work publicly placed, referred to as an ‘Invasion’, each of these unique pieces set to become a fragment of a monumental installation. The Space Invader basis of his works were chosen as they are the “perfect icons of our time, a time where digital technologies are the heartbeat of our world.”

It is always a treat to discover a new Invader work and one should always remember to “Look Up”, as you would be surprised how easily you may pass by an invasion on countless occasions.  If anyone viewing knows of any more Invasions around London, please message or email us with the locations and we will add them to the post.
p1090214a (SC)

Invasion viewable from the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.


Invasion in the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.


Invasion in Shoreditch on Great Eastern Street to the right hand side of the Shoreditch Art Wall.


Invasion in Shoreditch on Curtain Road.



Invasion in Shoreditch on the corner of Old Street & Rivington Street.



Invasion in Shoreditch in Rivington Street.



Invasion in Shoreditch on the corner of Old Street & Shoreditch High Street.


Invasion in Hoxton in Union Walk.



Invasion in Dalston in Sandringham Road.



Invasion in Broadway Market, Hackney.


Invasion in Islington at the corner of Central Street & City Road.



Invasion in Clerkenwell on Clerkenwell Road at the Old Street end.



Invasion in Clerkenwell in St. John Street.


Invasion in Clerkenwell at the corner of Charterhouse Street and Farringdon Street.


Invasion in Soho in Manette Street.


Invasion in Soho on Greek Street.


Invasion in Soho on Meard Street.


Invasion in Soho on Wardour Street.



Invasion in Soho on Broadwick Street.


Invasion in Soho on Charing Cross Road, near Leicester Square.



Invasion in Soho on Old Brewer’s Yard.


Invasion in Camden, across from the British Museum in West Central Street.



Invasion near Kings Cross in Gray’s Inn Road.



Invasion in Southwark on Southwark Street.



Invasion in Brixton at the junction of Coldharbour Lane/Atlantic Road.


After putting this post out we were contacted by our friend and Street Artist Jask who helped us with the locations of a further two Invasions in London which we have added here. Thanks Jask.


Invasion at Limehouse on Commercial Road.


Invasion In Hackney, just across from Hackney Central Station.

4 comments on “Where To See Invader Street Art In London

  1. Hi there!

    I really love your post on London’s invasion 🙂
    Have been looking for something this detailed in a long time!

    I noticed that you missed a few and would be happy to help you out there 🙂
    Do have a look at my instagram @bananapumpkin. There’s a wrecked one in Shoreditch (blue, white black), an orange/blue one in Brick Lane and one more in Fitzrovia. Those are not very specific locations I’m afraid, but maybe you can puzzle it out with the photos.

    Is that cloud really an invader, by the way?

    Many thanks and keep up the great work!


    • Hi ya Robin, firstly we are glad you enjoyed and have found this post useful.

      We are familiar of the two you mentioned in Shoreditch/Brick Lane both are so badly damaged we didn’t include, but may add to bottom of post. We were however unaware of the Fitzrovia one and through Google believe we had the correct location and will check out and if stil there, wil certianly update the post accordingly. As for the cloud as far as I am aware, but you may be correct.

      Thanks so much for the help, we really appreciate and will be acting upon the generous information you have given us.

    • Does anyone here know how to get in to contact with the Artist? One of the pieces featured above needs to be removed to facilitate some construction work and I would like to get it returned to him.

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