New Dale Grimshaw Street Art In Camden Town

Dale Grimshaw has been on fire of late, having this week laid out his third piece in Camden Town in the last month, and as is to be expected this piece is yet again superb. This work, as his previous piece ‘Free West Papua’ (covered here), features a Papua New Guinea tribesman as its subject and is yet again a real delight to gaze upon. The work featuring Dale Grimshaw’s signature subject style, maintaining a preference for strongly tribal subjects. all fused with that air-brushed effect that makes for such exquisite images, enthused with a sense of passion and depth that is just fundamentally Dale Grimshaw, always an absolute pleasure to witness. Dale Grimshaw was assisted in this piece by Mark Hat and the wall was put up with support from Monoprixx.







4 comments on “New Dale Grimshaw Street Art In Camden Town

  1. We all know Dale Paints a mean face…… Love to see a collab with Dale and Dank… Tribesman meets Geisha Lady in liquid jungle…..

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