Louis Masai At Meeting Of Styles 2015

Next up in our in depth look at some of the works from Meeting Of Styles we have Louis Masai, who is known or his distinctive works depicting animals, predominantly endangered species. For Meeting of Styles Louis Masai painted a Lioness, of which he set to create and build up over the two days, in the process bringing the creation to life. Also of note is how Louis Masai was one of three artists who set to decorate the Nomadic Community Garden’s work van, meaning he not only got to work on the most interesting ‘canvas’ of the event but also being afforded to chance to create a mobile piece of Street Art that will now be seen in a multitude of locations around East London.


Louis Masai laying down the very first outlines of his Lion based work. 




Initial facial features down, before the ‘Masai’ graffiti foundation is laid down to the right.


The ‘Masai’ tag foundation work added to the piece in an almost frenzied approach.


The work really starting to take shape and coming to life.



AS far as we caught Louis Masai working on his piece on Saturday.


The work as left on Saturday night, ready to be completed on Sunday.




Louis Masai working on the tribal pattern element, so often included on his works.


The impressive finished work on the weekends most interesting ‘canvas’.


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