Dan Kitchener At Meeting Of Styles 2015

For this years Meeting Of Styles event Street Artist Dan Kitchener was at work in Pedley Street and hit out this stunning work, one of the events highlights, in what seemed like absolutely no time at all on the first day of the two day Street Art and Graffiti extravanganza, completing the piece in some five to six hours. Working on one of his trademark Tokyo themed scenes, in this case as a part of his ‘Future Geisha’ series, this piece was not only striking, but also marked the first instance of him painting in a purely black and white palette that we have seen in London, interesting to see how minimalist Dank can go with the colour scale and still keep the work absorbing and still remain fundamentally Dan Kitchener. What’s great is how this piece seamlessly blends Dank’s two main subjects, Geisha’s and his ‘Liquid Lights’ works.


Initial outlines down, ready for the finer touches.


Dan Kitchener on his feature character for the work.




The piece really starting to take shape in no time at all.


Work-in-progress towards the end of the days work.


The superb finished piece.





A superb contribution to an excellent event.

2 comments on “Dan Kitchener At Meeting Of Styles 2015

  1. Dan is such a very gifted artist indeed and his work will stand the test of time that’s for sure even on canvas. I asked Dan why he was only painting in greyscale? His reply was “It would take far too long to do this one in colour for the time he had” But I agree this piece really works just as well.. I also like the shot of the Geisha lady pointing the gun at Dan! (I can think of soooo many captions for that one)

    • Agreed Mitch, Dank is one of our absolute favourite UK artists, we here felt the grey-scale work made for a nice new perspective on his superb works. Also if we ever have a caption contest, that will be the first picture we use, i assure you.

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