Lost Souls Crew At Meeting Of Styles 2015

Next up in our in depth look at some of the works from Meeting Of Styles we have The Lost Souls Crew, comprising SPZero76, Captain Kris, Si Mitchell & Squirl, a group of talented artists in their own right, but also certainly a crew of artists that certainly never disappoint whenever they get together to collaborate on a typically large, elaborate, fun and well thought out work free from any sense of rivalry or ego. For this festival they were working to an idea from Si Mitchell who decided to pay homage to the cartoon Samurai Pizza Cats, which was an American animated adaptation of the Japanese anime series Kyatto Ninden Teyandee, which ran in the early 1990’s. As is always the case when these guys get the chance to work together they were in fine spirits, taking a rather casual approach to their piece and certainly enjoying themselves doing what they love most.


Lost Souls Crew, at this stage minus Squirl, working on the initial outlines of their work.


SPZero76 starting out his work.


Si Mitchell starting out his work.


Captain Kris starting out his character.


SPZero76, Si Mitchell & Captain Kris at work on their respective characters.


Work-in-progress mid-afternoon Saturday.


SPZero76, Si Mitchell & Captain Kris at work on their piece.


Si Mitchell at work.


Work-in-progress from Captain Kris.


SPZero76 at work.


Work-in-progress Saturday afternoon.


SPZero76 & Captain Kris at work.


Si Mitchell & Captain Kris at work early Saturday evening.


Better late then never, Squirl adding his own touch and character to the Lost Souls collaboration on Sunday.


The impressive finished work, a pretty large piece for the event, but actually one of the more compact Lost Souls collaborations we here have ever seen in London.  


Tag and additional pizza slice by Captain Kris.


Work by SPZero76.


Work by Squirl.


Work by Si Mitchell.


Work by Captain Kris.


3 comments on “Lost Souls Crew At Meeting Of Styles 2015

    • Anytime man, your art speaks for itself, and we will not be at Upfest unfortunately this year, however we look forward to seeing pics of what you guys get upto and keep us posted of future London jaunts and we will cover it.

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