A Street Art Guide To Camden Town

We are offering a free Street Art walk of Camden Town. The walk should take you 2-3 hours depending on how long yo stop to admire and photograph the fantastic street art you are sure to see  Enjoy the fabulous result of all the hard work from “The Real Art of Street Art” who are responsible for organizing the vast majority of work that you will currently see in Camden.


1. Start at Mornington Crescent Underground Station and exit out onto Camden High Street heading towards Camden Town. Take the left hand side of the road and walk until you reach The Beatrice pub on Camden High Street. Here you will be greeted by this subtle but smirking face at the entrance to an alley way courtesy of French artist Gregos. This is your first stop for street art. There are currently some ten pieces to be seen in this alley including works from Gregos, Senor X, Alaniz, Vanesa Longchamp, & Trust Icon.


Work by Gregos, from his 2014 visit.


Work by Senor x.


Work by Alaniz.


‘Imaginary Friend’ by Trust Icon lies just round the corner.

2. When done in this alley take the traffic crossing right in front of you and cross over into Plender Street opposite and walk until you meet the junction with Bayham Street a couple of minutes ahead. Here look to the left and you will see this lovely piece by Italian artist Alice Pasquini on the side of the Alexander the Great restaurant.


3. From Here turn back to Camden High Street and walk 5 or so mins until you come to Camden Town Underground Station here on your right you will see the Natwest Bank at the corner of Camden High Street & Greenland Road, look up just behind the bank onto Greenland Road and this piece from Mau Mau can be spotted.


4. Continue up Camden High Street on the left hand side of the road until you reach the Oxford Arms pub at the corner of Camden High Street and Jamestown Road. On the Jamestown Road wall of the pub is this superb mural of John Lennon by street artist Gnasher.


5. From here just carry on up the left hand side of Chalk Farm Road towards Chalk Farm Underground Station.


As you head down Chalk Farm Road, on your right you will see this striking piece from Mr Cenz.

6. Just before you reach the Chalk Farm Underground Station on the left you will come to Regents Park Road where one of the best pieces of street art in Camden is to be spotted. It’s by Kobra and is certainly worth the extra 10 or so minutes this piece adds to the walk.


There really is lots going on in this superb piece fro Kobra.



7. From here turn back on Chalk Farm Road, cross over the street and walk back towards Camden Town Lock until you come to first Harmood Street then Hartland Road. On the corner of Chalk Farm Road/Hartland Road can be spied this work from Dotmasters.


Work by Molecula Howl in Harmood Street.


Work by Dotmasters.


Opposite the Hoarding this magnificent piece from Dan Kitchener’s ‘Liquid Lights’ series can be spotted, as well as a superbly decorated house front from Amara Por Dios (below).


8. To the left of the Dan Kitchener piece is a cut-through Hawley Mews, pass through here taking in the numerous pieces on display, including works from Trust Icon & Seeds One, Gnasher, Nomad Clan duo Aylo & CBloxx, Onio, Dotmasters and Autone .When done here follow through to.Hawley Street where you will see three delightful pieces from Otto Schade and currently a piece by Trust Icon.


Work by Trust Icon & Seeds One.


Work by Gnasher.


Works by Goms & Nomad Clan duo Aylo & CBloxx.


Work by JXC.


Work by Onio.


Rooftop work from Cranio.


Trio of works by Otto Schade.


Work by Otto Schade.


Work by Trust Icon.

9. From here turn left and follw the road around to the right and pass through the corner green in to Hawley Road and head left and at the train arches you will be met by a collaboration from Mart Aire & Onesto. From here follow Hawley Road around to the right and on the left hand side at the end of this road you will be met by a second work frmo Onesto and a superb work from Irony.


Work by Mart Aire & Onesto.


Work from Onesto.


Work by Irony.

10. As you reach the end of Hawley Road you will come onto Kentish Town Road, turn right as you reach the train arches you will find work from Onesto, the other side of the train arches you will find work from FPLO and just pass this along Kentish Town Road is work by Molecula Howl.


Work by Onesto.


Work by FPLO.


Work by Molecula Howl.

11. From here carry on along Kentish Town Road and when you reach Hawley Crescent, turn right and you will find another work from FPLO, then carry on and turn left into Stucley Place where on the wall alongside Nemesis Tattoos, you will find a wall curated by The Hidden Streets Of London & Monoprixx, currently featuring work from Roes.


Work by FPLO in Hawley Crescent.


Work by Roes in Stucley Place.

12. At the end of Stucley Place, turn left along Buck Street and again turn right along Kentish Town Road to just before Camden Town Underground Station, where you will be on the penultimate stop of our tour and be met with currently some eight works, from artists including, Pang & Float, Irony, Captain Kris. Airborne Mark, Vanesa Longchamp, FPLO, Senor X & Kyle Holbrook.


Works by FPLO & Senor X in the Electric Ballroom car park along Kentish Town Road.


Work by Kyle Holbrook in the Electric Ballroom car park along Kentish Town Road.


Work by Airborne Mark in the Electric Ballroom car park along Kentish Town Road.


Work by Irony.


Work by Pang & Float.


Rooftop work from Captain Kris.


Rooftop work from Airborne Mark.


Rooftop work from Vanessa Longchamp.

13. Just along from this last cluster of works, is Camden Town Underground Station, we have one final piece to share at this stage, Camden Town’s largest mural, certainly a superb piece to finish the Camden Town Street Art experience on. When you reach Camden Town Underground Station cross over the road into Camden Road take the first right into Bayham Place for the large mural by Irony. When done here head back to Camden Town Underground Station and thus the tour is concluded.


Work by Irony in Bayham Place.