New Mr Cenz pieces across London

Despite the bitter cold weather that has been present in London and is responsible across the globe for creating a ‘quiet’ period in the Street Art calendar, UK artist Mr. Cenz has braved the cold weather and put up three pieces across London over the last four days. An impressive feat with the areas he has covered also, painting in East, North and South London respectively. Sadly the first piece he did this week in Shoreditch has already been painted over, but alas I was fortunate enough to visit and capture his pieces from Brixton painted yesterday and the piece he completed in Camden Town a couple of days ago. Enjoy the pics and go and see them while you can. Also thank you to Mr Cenz, for providing the address of his Brixton piece when I asked, as I never would of found it otherwise.


Somerleyton Road, Brixton.



Castlehaven Road, Camden.


This new piece in Camden takes his number of works in Camden Town up to four. Pictures and locations of these works can be seen on my Guide To Camden Street Art (covered here).