The Street Art Gallery that was Camden Lock Market

Camden Town has long been a somewhat cool and trendy place, home to some of the best bars, music and food, not to mention the shopping in the markets and along the high street. Adding to this vibrant creative hub is the street art scene that has developed massively over the last year, mainly due to the superb work of “The Real Art of Street Art” project. All along Camden High Street and Chalk Farm Road and its little side roads much street art can be spotted. This extends around the back of the Camden Lock Market and the streets backing the rail arches as well as Camden Lock Market itself, which is the subject of this post.


For me Camden is the best place to go see street art at the moment, the art for the mainstay seems to last longer than in the East End of London, and suffers a fraction of the defacing and tagging that is such a problem with street art in the East End where art is very much subject to here today and gone tomorrow. This for me makes Camden stand out, not only are there superb artworks by top artists locally based and internationally so, but they tend to remain for a while and not get defaced,


Camden Lock Market has certainly become part of the hub of street art in Camden Town, with the majority of the best artwork now to be seen on the streets backing the market. Sadly this is due to the fact that the whole area is up for redevelopment soon, which is most likely why artists have been given more reign to paint these streets. The sheds in Camden Lock Market of which over 60 are now painted create a real coastal seafront effect as well as now providing a first class art gallery in its own right, the likes of which are not to be seen anywhere else in London at current. In the past the problem with getting to see all this great artwork lies with the fact that the sheds on which these works reside are operating businesses that are often open. So regular visitors to the market may well become acquainted with particular pieces which are on non-used huts for the mean time, however there is a hell of a lot of artwork you will only get to see outside the main opening hours of the market, which is best achieved either very early in the morning or in the evening after the market has shut.


On Saturday I was saddened to see the market closed from business and several vendors packing up and leaving, it appears this is the beginning of the end for Camden’s superbly built up art scene, and it is presumably only a matter of time before all the works around the market also will be lost. This devastating blow will destroy a good 90% of Camden’s current street art. Fortunately for myself I was able to wander around the market with no business’ operating and witness as well as photo the remaining sheds for it may be some time before they are seen again, as there are plans to relocate these market stalls, which is not surprising as I think many would agree that this is the hub of Camden Town.

Here are approximately half of the Sheds from Camden Market. I suggest anyone who wants to see it, makes the effort as soon as possible, before too long it will be gone. Also thanks to “The Real Art of Street Art”, for me Camden has become the most exciting place to see street art in London for some time.

My next post will be a guide for where to see Camden’s Street art, check back soon.


Spanish artist Senor X.


Dale Grimshaw who currently has 2 other pieces in Camden.




Dirty 30.




Unknown artist, if anyone can help me out with a name, please tweet me or email me at




Swedish born but London based artist Amara Por Dios, who has certainly made her mark on London in the last year as well as having a collaborative piece with The Real Dill just around the corner.






Spanish artist Elno.


Saki & Bitches 1st piece on one side of the shed.


Second piece by Saki & Bitches.




Mr French.


My Dog Sighs, who also has 2 more pieces in the area around Camden Lock Market and the Camden Lock arches.






Irony’s contribution to the scheme, this is one of my favourite pieces in the market and Irony currently has 5 other pieces in Camden to be seen, including collaborations with Boe, Airbone Mark & Fan HC.



Freedom Kult.


The Real Dill. He 2 collaborations with Captain Kris and 1with Amara Por Dios in Camden as well as 1 other solo piece.


Himbad. Another artist that has left his mark on Camden especially of late with a further 3 walls and 2 entire sides of a building, not to mention the myriad number of ‘scribbles’ he leaves wherever he works.


Captain Kris, who also boasts a further 4 pieces in Camden, 2 collaborations with the Lost Souls Crew and 2 collaborations with the Real Dill.


Nando Mambo.


Interesting piece from Gnasher who is also responsible for the fantastic John Lennon mural that can be seen on a wall of the Oxford Arms pub on Camden High Street.


Snub 23.


Louis Masai piece from his Save The Bees campaign which he painted all over London. He really is a master of painting wildilfe.




Seeds One.


Fan HC. This is my favourite piece in the market. It really emphasizes the alternative element of Camden Town and also i just love the work of Fan HC, always a delight to witness, he has 2 more pieces in Camden at current, including a superb collaboration with Irony.


Hannah Adamaszek.