New Elno Street Art around London

Next up we are taking a look back at a series of works placed up through 2022 by Spanish born, but London based, street artist Elno. This artist is certainly a very active one, which has been amply demonstrated by the fact that she has been out painting all year, through all the seasons, as well as by the sheer variety of places around London we have seen her work over the last year. Elno is one of our favourite illustrative artists whose work we routinely see about the city, and her figures are very much her own, presenting a range of soulful characters, predominantly in calming blue tones, Elno’s work often projects a sense of peaceful power. Elno is also an artist who enjoys collaborating with other artists, and always manages to achieve this to great effect as can be demonstrated below with several collaborations placed up this year alongside fellow members of WOM Collective.


Work in Leake Street for the WOM Collective Circus Jam.

Copy of P1850229

Work with Lours in Maple Road, Penge/ Placed up with support from London Calling Blog.

Copy of P1850228

Copy of P1850239


Work with Damitta in Stockwell Lane, Stockwell.


Detail of work by Elno.


Detail of work by Damitta.


Work in Crystal Palace Park.





Copy of P1850042

Work with Carleen De Sozer in Crystal Palace Park.

Copy of P2000929

Work in Crystal Palace Park.

Copy of P2000920

Copy of P2000784

Copy of P2000914


Work with Damitta in Crystal Palace Park.


Detail of work by Damitta.


Detail of work by Elno.


Copy of P1870707

Work in Crystal Palace Park.


Work in Allen Gardens, Brick Lane.


Work with Layla for the WOM Collective Winter Jam

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