New Roo Street Art around London

For our next post we are sharing a series of four works we have seen through 2022 by street artist Roo. This artist is very much a favourite of ours and certainly one of the best illustration focused mural artists out there.  Roo’s work is always imbued with so much humour and sweetness, and are always masterfully executed in such a meticulously clean manner. We have been fortunate enough to have this artist paint two works in our hometown this year, in the first instance a cat riding mouse set above Penge High Street and a dog keeping watch at the entrance to the high street. We also caught Roo painting a film watching cat in Stratford and the final work we encountered featured a whole host of animal based characters riding a roller coaster alongside some creatures by Pixie. It is always a pleasure to see work from this talented artist and we look forward to seeing what 2023 brings from this artist.


Work by Roo at the Penge Rooftop Gallery. Placed up with support from London Calling Blog for SprayExhibtion20.




Works by ThisOne x Nush, Roo, Many Faceses & Fat Cap Sprays.

Work in Celebration Avenue, Stratford. Placed up with support from London Calling Blog.


Work in Penge High Street, Penge. Placed up with support from London Calling Blog for SprayExhibtion20.









Work with Pixie in Leake Street for the WOM Collective Winter Jam.

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