New Renozoner Street Art in South-East London

Over the summer amid the influx of international artists who passed through to paint our corner of South-East London, one of the most interesting artists we got to discover and have paint in our hometown was Lebanese artist Renozoner. Visiting from Beirut Renozner painted three artworks across Penge and Sydenham of which one featuring a balloon as the main subject was inspired by the current trend of people consuming nitrous oxide, whilst the other two which really caught our attention in their message and execution feature water trucks. These works are part of the artist’s Fountain series which explores the way his homeland is dependent on these water trucks, something which is as common a site in Beirut as a bus is in London, providing much needed supplies to buildings all over the city and beyond in order to keep people replenished with the elixir of life. Water trucks have become the luxurious fountains of the city that increasingly less people have access to. In addition to this eye-opening subject of artworks, the little details are brilliant, even if they are something ourselves wouldn’t of appreciated having not visited Beirut, such as the amass of cables spewing from the pylons in Fountain 8, or the local graffiti writers from the city whose characters and tags have been added to both the tanks on the water truck and the scenery it is passing through. All round brilliant works and we hope to see Renozoner back in London before to long sharing his talents on the walls of the city.

The works below were placed up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog, WhereTheresWalls and Bullieboy.

Copy of P1990070

Renoz at work in Sydenham.

Copy of P1990107

Fountain 8 off Sydenham High Street.

Copy of P1990101

Copy of P1990122

Copy of P1990120

Copy of P2010016

Copy of P2010017

Copy of P1990112

Copy of P1990117

Copy of P2050932

Work at the Penge Rooftop Gallery.

Copy of P2070298

Copy of P2000600

Copy of 20220625_173401

Fountain 6 in Bycroft Road, Penge.

Copy of P2000813

Copy of P2000824

Copy of P2000828

Copy of P2000804

Copy of P2000802

Copy of P2000697

Copy of P2000696

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