New Caryn Koh Street Art in South-East London

Over the summer we were absolutely delighted to receive two visits from an artist whose work we have long admired and have Caryn Koh come paint in Penge – and just over the border in Clockhouse – making for her first ever paintings in London. Travelling to SE20 from Swindon Caryn Koh brought her brushes and placed up two beautiful rich, painterly and soulful artworks that are very much among our favourites from an exceptionally busy year painting around Penge and the surrounding towns.

We would like to say a massive thanks to Caryn Koh for visiting our corner of the city and leaving such beautiful artworks whilst down. As well as a big thank you to each of the respective owners who kindly donated spots and trusted us to work it – especially the owners at Chaffinch Road who looked after Caryn Koh and her helpers so well during that baking hot day. Lastly a big thanks to Street Art Atlas and Ninja Boy Runs for all the help on this.

Joy at the Penge Rooftop Gallery, Penge.

Promises in Chaffinch Road, Clockhouse. 

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