New Zabou Street Art Portrait of Gordon Gibbens in Penge

Next up in our run of catching up with what we have been up to in our corner of South-East London over the recent few months we are taking a look at a stunning artwork from street artist Zabou placed up last month in Penge for our SprayExhibition20 community street art project.

The work in question features a superb and touching tribute to late photographer Gordon Gibbens put up in Zabou’s trademark style of a grey-scale portrait surrounded by a flash of bright colours. The resemblance is incredible and Zabou has done a wonderful job on this design which sees Gordon peering over the low brick wall, camera in hand, ready to snap away while trains fittingly pass overhead.

The inspiring story of Gordon Gibbens has been told in a beautifully put together book entitled ‘How Graffiti Saved My Dad’s Life (At Least For A While)’ by his daughter Jane Murphy which tells the story of her Dad’s love of Graffiti & Street Art. The book tells a moving story with such love, strength and humour and all accompanied by a fantastic selection of some of Gordon’s photos. All proceeds from the book are going to St Christopher’s Hospice from where Gordon made some of his final graffiti ventures and the tour we put on was to raise funds for the hospice. You can learn more about Gordon’s story (covered here) but the book is definitely worth getting for the true insight into Gordon’s determined character.

We of course wish to say a big thank you to Network Rail who kindly donated a spot and trusted us to work it.  Also we would like to say thank you to Kevin for all the help on this spot. As well as a really massive thank you to Zabou for coming down to Penge to support this initiative and for leaving such a beautiful artwork in the process. This work can be found in Bycroft Street, Penge, and was put up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog.


Zabou at work.


Zabou at work.


The stunning finished piece, a beautiful tribute to Gordon Gibbens.










Photo courtesy of Zabou.


Photo courtesy of Zabou.


Photo courtesy of Zabou.

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