New Dan Kitchener Street Art in Brick Lane

Here we are playing catch-up with a pair of works by Street Artist Dan Kitchener which were placed up along Brick Lane over the last few months. Both taking the artists favourite theme, Tokyo, as their respective subjects, the first work placed up on the ever changing feature wall of the Kinkao restaurant along Brick Lane. depicting a sinister vision of a city in time that has become increasingly defined and consumed by technology, but no matter what, life goes on with the cyborgs and humans going about their life in the rain. The second neon scene was placed up just around the corner along Brick Lane proper and features a car as its main subject, offering a fragment of the large-scale traffic scenes Dan Kitchener regularly paints. Both of these works are now gone, however we don’t doubt it will be long before the artist is back up East London reworking these often frequented walls.


Work in Pedley Street, Brick Lane.





Work in Brick Lane. 



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