New Fink 22 Street Art around London

Here we are playing catch up with a series of works placed up a few months ago by British born, but Dubai based, Street Artist Fink 22 around South and East London. Setting to fuse a series of illustrative characters, often set overlaid upon layer and layer of face to such a complex composition the figurative dynamic takes on a surreal abstract dynamic that is certainly captivating and a pleasure to see something fresh on the walls of London.


Work on Anerley Hill, Crystal Palace, put up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog.






Work by DRT, Nathan Bowen, Many Faces & Fink 22 in Newhaven Road, Selhurst, put up with support from London Calling Blog, for a project with local residents CASSA and Network Rail.




Work outside the Nomadic Community Gardens, Brick Lane.

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