New Irony Street Art In Penge

Here we are taking a look at a work painted in April by Street Artist Irony for our community Street Art project SprayExhibition20 in Penge. This really is an artwork we wish to share with anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, truly an ambitious artwork utilizing a rather awkward space, namely the alleyway aside the newsagents at the traffic lights at the top end of the High Street. Setting to create an anamorphic work – one of only three we know of currently in London – which is as incredible in its concept as it is with its execution, Irony has left SE20 with something special here. Namely an Angler Fish which are of the subspecies named ‘Bony Fish‘ due to their characteristic method of predatory hunting, in which a fleshy growth from the fish’s head acts as a lure bringing the Angler Fish’s prey close enough for it to be snatched and devoured in the deep and dark oceans. So Irony has painted the Angler Fish’s bright and attractive lure on the entrance to the alleyway, visible along the High Street offering just enough attraction to passers-by to explore the tantalizing spectacle in offer just enough so that one is drawn in to come face-to-face with the giant fish lurking just out of sight. Anamorphosis is a process in which an image is produced through a certain perspective requiring the viewer to stand in a particular location to witness the artwork in its full glory – so this artwork is best viewed through a camera for the full shape to come into complete maximum effect – you will know when you have the perspective correct when the eyes becomes circular.

We would of course like to say thanks to the owners of the space for allowing us to get Irony to add something so interesting, unique and clever to their property for the community to enjoy. Shout out to Kevin & Molly for helping with ladders. We also would like to offer a big thank you to Irony for again coming down to Penge to add another brilliant addition to the area which in this case is absolutely perfect for its awkward setting. First Class.







Distorted face-on view.


Distorted face-on view.


Distorted view from the tail end.


Night fishing with Irony’s anamorphic Angler Fish.



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