New Cloakwork Street Art Around London

A few weeks back London was host to visiting Malaysian Graffiti Artist Cloakwork, who was over on his second visit to the Capital having visited last August (covered here), and whilst here yet again embarked on a wave of activity painting all about the place and including a great number of collaborations with some of the UK’s and London’s resident artists and writers. Of himself Cloakwork states that the name derives from how ‘Cloak’ represents the stealth and hidden dynamic to him normally painting at night back in his resident Malaysia and ‘Work’ represents the movement and energy involved. An absolute pleasure to see these fantastic characters heavily influenced by the traditions of Graffiti and illustration, all the more so for the sense of fun and play within each scene and character Cloakwork created around North, South and East London.


Work by Cloakwork, Kos & Delgan along Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch.


Work by Cloakwork.


Work by Kos.


Work by Delgan.


Works Fanakapan, The Real Dill, Tony Boy, Dahkoh, Obit, Alex Amery & Agwa, Cloakwork, Bill Thorpe, Tony Riff & Egg Cru to mark the leaving of Tony Boy who has sadly moved back to Spain, placed up in Regents Park Road, Camden Town, with support from The Real Art of Street Art.


Work by Cloakwork.


The highlight of Cloakwork’s visit for us is this superb collaboration with SPZero76 – who painted together in Shoreditch last year – and outdid themselves this time with SPZero76’s mischievous characters about to apprehended by Cloakwork’s Officer Grumpy Cat & Officer Batman Dog for painting on a tube train. 


Detail of work by SPZero76.


Detail of work by Cloakwork.


Fantastic work in the Nomadic Community Gardens, we love how he has painted a car onto a van.



Absolute dedication to the craft, we can assure you the rain was horrendous on this damp afternoon, work-in-progress by Cloakwork in Pedley Street, Brick Lane.


Work-in-progress by Kos in Pedley Street, Brick Lane.


The finished collaboration between Cloakwork & Kos in Pedley Street, Brick Lane, with a ‘Rick & Morty’ theme.


Work by Cloakwork.


Detail of work by Cloakwork.


Work by Kos.

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