New Woskerski Street Art In Penge

Over the last month or so we have been exceptionally fortunate to have had Street Artist Woskerski visit Penge to lay out to date a trio of excellent works for our SprayExhibition20 community mural project and it is the first two of these works we would like to take a look at right now. Very much an artist with quite a range in subjects, with a current predilection towards portraits of subjects squashed against glass and hyper-realistuc anarchic teddy bears – of which Penge was very fortunate to get one, and all depicted in such a delicate rich textured style which brings his subjects and works very much to life.

We would like to say thanks to the kind owners of Nigel & S&B & the team at the Blue Sea Fish Bar for allowing us to get Woskerski to add something so beautiful to their property. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Woskerski for coming down to add this beautiful work to the area.


The blank canvas awaiting transformation.


Woskerski at work.


Woskerski at work.


Woskerski at work.


Woskerski at work.


Woskerski at work adding the finishing touches.


The spectacular and captivating finished work in Maple Road, presenting a beautiful dreamlike scene featuring the teddy bear floating through the city, holding onto its dreams which carry it through the night. We do have to say here that the pictures really don’t do justice to the how lifelike this bear appears on the wall, in the flesh it really does appear that if you poked the bear’s belly it would jiggle right in front of you.







Woskerski at work.


Woskerski at work.


The striking finished piece in Ravenscroft Road, presenting such a soulful vibe with the subject reflecting  the blue and green hues that radiate from her presence and most importantly fantastic use of the space available.





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