New Dreph Street Art In Penge

We are about two months behind in sharing this work but better late than never, so with that in mind we would like to look back to the fabulous weekend with which we had the utmost pleasure of spending a few days with Street Artist Dreph who visited Penge to lay out this absolutely striking work for our SprayExhibition20 Community Project. This superb work marked the fourth work in Dreph’s ‘You Are Enough’ series which looks at female empowerment through his subjects, all of which are people he knows or has met. In this case his friend Mimi Fresh, of whom Dreph states:

“When I first met Mimi, what struck me was her youthful energy, free spirit and outlandish style/ She is a rolling stone who was worn many hats including, styling, dj’ing, dancing, jewellery design and holistic health therapy. Today Mimi works as a holistic health consultant whilst studying psychosocial studies and vibrational medicine at Goldsmiths with the view of becoming a counselor.”

It is this person whose essence Dreph set to create over the course of a few days on this rather large offset space which was utilized so fantastically with the meditative pose of his subject. Creating a piece whose subject exudes such a strong sense of confidence and of being at peace, exemplified not just by the pose of Dreph’s portrait but also by the glowing aura surrounding Mimi which so nicely adds to the feeling of power this work prjects.

We would like to say thanks to the kind owners of Bella Luna Pizzeria for allowing us to get Dreph to add something so beautiful to their property. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Dreph for coming down to SE20 to add this magnificent work which really brightens up this previously Street Art free corner of town.


Dreph at work.


Dreph at work.


The striking finished piece.




The detail on the neck dress is exemplary.


Love the fluid loose drip dynamic added to each of the subjects hair bunches. 



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