New Mobstr Street Art Installation In Bethnal Green

Just a short few hours ago whilst passing through Bethnal Green, we here at London Calling Blog were delighted to spy this fabulous installation piece from an artist with a style and sense of humour that is very much his own. The work in question is by the one and only Mobstr, an artist who works with a combination of stencils and sarcastic comments set to challenge the manor in which people engage with and view public spaces. Mobstr’s interventions may take the form of feuds with the local authorities or seizing control of advertising spaces, but are always fueled by a cheeky sense of humour that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of even the biggest of Street Art cynics. On this occasion we have a false traffic sign reading “Go Left, Go Right, I Dont Give A Damn It’s My Day Off”, the sign is impeccably constructed and equally so in its placement, it really looks as if it’s genuine and meant to be there, perhaps which is why it has thus far survived three days since its placing. Always a pleasure to spy work from this illusive artist and we hope to see many more in the future.




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