New Shok-1 Street Art ‘MasterPeace’ In Brick Lane

Just a few days ago over the course of Wednesday and Thursday Street Artist Shok-1 was at work in Fournier Street, just off of Brick Lane on his latest creation, reworking this spot fot at least the third time we have seen in the last couple of years. In his works Shok-1 uses the many anatomical elements of the human body to transform and create his myriad hybrids creations that distinguish his glowing X-ray compositions. For his latest work entitled ‘MasterPeace’, Shok-1 has hit out another incredible piece that really makes you stop and stare as you pass by it. The piece features like the last piece in this spot ‘X-Funk’ (covered here) a design based on a hand gesture, on this occasion featuring the hand presenting a hand in the international symbol of peace and was created in response to the hostilities that have arose from the UK’s EU Referendum. Truly a great message for this particular moment in time and as always with Shok-1 it is superbly depicted, with the colour scheme and translucent glow in this work creating an almost electric quality that really brings his creations to life, infusing them with energy.









3 comments on “New Shok-1 Street Art ‘MasterPeace’ In Brick Lane

  1. I saw this on Thursday afternoon. It’s a great piece. It looks like a lot of wonderful works are being defaced around the city, so it’s nice to see that there are plenty of other works appearing to replace them.

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