New JXC Street Art In Camden Town

Just over a week ago Street Artist JXC took to Camden Town to paint his latest hyper-real creation, an excellent piece depicting actor Jeff Cohen’s character ‘Chunk’ from the 1985 film The Goonies. The scene which JXC choose to so superbly paint was Chunk performing the ‘truffle-shuffle’ dance but slightly subverting the situation by adding his gang style tattoo to Chunk’s stomach. Beyond the inspired subject matter of the work, which no doubt has left many people, ourselves here included, reliving a little bit of their childhood, is the excellent creation of an out of focus background setting. Truly a fantastic and fun-fueled work that was masterfully constructed. This fantastic work can be found in Miller Street and was put up with support from The Real Art Of Street Art. 






One comment on “New JXC Street Art In Camden Town

  1. Really like the suite of shots. I think the last one tells the story the best. Just how well it is painted with the drab high street in the background. That smudged background is mastery hey! Thx for sharing. I’ve done loads of posts on what I thought was pretty realistic street art but nu’in on this!

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