New Aero Street Art In Penge

On Sunday we here at London Calling Blog were delighted to see the creation of the third work in our local area of Maple Road, Penge, with a beautiful work placed up by Graffiti Writer Aero, put up with a little support from us. This delightful new addition really is adding to the colourful life this road is slowly taking on. Shutters can be a tricky business, not suiting some artists style, this shutter all the more so for its awkward shape, however Aero didn’t let the surface show up his work, setting to construct one of his distinct ‘Animal Graff’ creations.

The work is in a style Aero has been working with quite a bit over the last year or so, that of incorporating his letter work into the scenery accompanying the animal of choice as a central character. In planning his design, Aero visited to the Tattoo shop and had a look at some of the designs they had on display and incorporated a few of these elements into his work. So with this in mind Aero created a woodland style setting for his letters which are accompanied by a lovely fox, whose colours sit so well with the purple night setting and blue plant life. The ‘O’ in ‘Aero’ also provides a Dream Catcher, further adding to the almost nocturnal theme of this piece.

We would like to say a big thanks to the kind staff at the Rotary Heaven Tattoo Shop for their immediate support to our project, allowing us to get Aero to add something so beautiful to their property. We also would like to offer a big thanks to Aero, for coming down to add this delightful work which really brightens up the road. We couldn’t be happier with the latest addition to SprayExhibition20 for us and the local SE20 community.


Aero at work.


Aero at work.


Aero at work.


Aero at work.


Aero at work adding the finishing touches to his lovely piece.













6 comments on “New Aero Street Art In Penge

  1. Lets hope the Bonny Goods shutters are painted next… Not too be outfoxed.. I like seeing shutters painted but the only draw back is that we only see the artwork when they are drawn closed..

    • Not looking likely at current for those specific shutters Mitch, but we have a good few more in this street to work soon and a couple of walls also. I share your position on catching shutter art being difficult, all three that we have thus far put up are all viewable all day on Sundays at least.

    • Well said Scooj, it really suits the tone of the business and has gone down a treat with the local community. We like foxes also and it have seen a few painted around London in the last couple of years, with foxes from Irony & Boe to be seen in Turnpike Lane and Walthamstow at current, and foxes from ROA, Airborne Mark & Annatomix in the past also. Perhaps it;s because foxes really capture that outdoor free feeling.

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