New Juan2 Graffiti In Shoreditch

On Saturday we were delighted to stumble upon Spanish born, but London based, Abstract Graffiti Writer Juan2 at work on his latest piece in Shoreditch. Ever an interesting artist, Juan2 didn’t disappoint this weekend with this intriguing piece. Working to his trademark 3D abstract style, that while sometimes quite minimalist is still full of energy and direction. On this occasion Juan2 added some background elements to the work, namely in the bottom left corner which creates a real sci-fi feel about the work, and on the right with his fiery glow effect. What is most fun about seeing Juan2’s works in the flesh is taking the time to view it at so many angles to ascertain just where it looks perfect. This superb work can be found along Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch.


Juan2 at work.


Juan2 at work.


The superb finished piece.








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