New Neist & Asebueno Street Art Collaboration In Brick Lane

Last weekend in Hanbury Street, just off of Brick Lane, Graffiti artist duo, Neist & Asebueno were at work on the latest work on this feature wall which really does only see the creme de la creme of artworks for the most part. We have to say this is an interesting work and for us here at London Calling Blog is the first Graffiti work we have seen on this wall. The piece features a tag from Neist across the main body of the work, surrounded by Asebueno’s cosmic background, for us making an interesting juxtaposition of the spiritual in Asebueno’s work and the almost mechanic or industrial dynamic in Neist’s typography, which really seems to submerge itself into the wall and in the process appear as the centre of the universe.


Asebueno & Neist at work.


Asebueno & Neist at work.


The finished piece.





Detail of work by Neist.

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