New Fanakapan Street Art In Brick Lane

It has certainly been a great start to 2016 for London, with Street Artist Fanakapan already laying out some three works in the new year, here we are going to take a look at his latest work completed this week. Setting to Star Yard in Brick Lane last weekend, Fanakapan decided to replace his ‘Star’ work which had been up for some ten months now with his latest work, which in essence is a self-portrait. For self-portrait Fanakapan has painted the things which define him when he paints, so we have the headphones, baseball cap, sunglasses, gas mask and spray can, accompanied and permeated by an electric blue trail of smoke, certainly a superb metaphor for this artist. This work is also notable as it replaces the first piece of monochrome ‘Helium Graff’ from Fanakapan in London with his first work in this new styling, which retains the metallic colour style and 3D dynamic, but moves into more solid realistic depictions of its subjects. A superb piece indeed from an artist who is never one to disappoint, and as you can see here, relentlessly striving to add new elements and styles to his works.



Fanakapan at work early on for Day 1 on the wall.


The tools of his trade.


Fanakapan at work.


Fanakapan at work.


Fanakapan at work.


Fanakapan at work on Day 2.


Fanakapan at work.


The stunning finished piece. 







8 comments on “New Fanakapan Street Art In Brick Lane

    • Isn’t it Scooj, thanks whenever we get the chance we love to document and share the progress. We are just lucky to have started to build a good relationship with many of London’s talented artists and Supporters of the scene.

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