New Olivier Roubieu Street Art At The Southbank

At the weekend Street Artist Olivier Roubieu, who has certainly been active over the last month, was out to start of 2016 with his latest portrait created in his new style, having recently painted Brad Pitt in Leake Street (covered here) and Margot Robbie in Shoreditch (covered here). For his third and latest installment we have Olivier’s depiction of model Cara Delevigne, this time placed up in the Southbank skate park. Starting the work on New Years Day, putting down the outlines, then returning the following morning to complete the work in fresh light, Olivier certainly left a lasting, albeit fleeting, impression on the transient lives of these legal walls.

This pillar in the Southbank skate park certainly provides an interesting canvas for Oliver Roubieu’s latest portrait, and additionally represents the first work from here we have featured on our blog. What is interesting about this work from Olivier is the subtle second face painted over the subjects right shoulder, almost fusing with Cara Delevigne. The work is however defined by the quite literal splash of paint, on this occasion in purple, through the centre of the subjects face. At an initial glance this addition gives the impression of the work having been defaced, adding a sense of chaos to an otherwise clean and delicate work. However it is the spontaneous and unique dynamic to this new addition we love most, with no two splatters being the same, even if Olivier repainted the base portrait identically, you wouldn’t be viewing the same piece as is below, once he adds that splash of colour.






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